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CrowdFunding Plugins and Add Ons?

I often receive product customization requests for various features.

However in order to keep food on the table I must work on paid projects before anything else.   That means a lot of other things are done before I code anything for Store Locator Plus.   With private consults earning $150-$300/hour I simply cannot turn those opportunities down.  Add to that the fact that some people do pay for Store Locator Plus support, which takes precedence over this forum and doing product updates, and I end up with little time left to add new features to the product.

However, I recently have had people asking for the SAME features over the past few months.  They always ask “how much would it cost to do X”.   The typical project is a few days of coding to a week of coding.   Even at a rate that is steeply discounted from my private consulting work, $1500 – $2500 is not within the budget of many plugin customers.

However, I think I may have a solution to that problem…


There is a crowdfunding plugin I am considering adding to this site.   It would allow me to setup private crowdfunding projects on this site, similar to what you would see at a place like KickStarter.     It would allow me to list various projects and a fundraising goal.   For example “CSV Export of Locations : $1000”.    Several people could fund the project.  $25 here, $100 there.

If the project goal of $1,000 was met I’d schedule the work for the new add-on pack.

If the project goal was not met before the deadline all funds paid in to support the project would be refunded.   The project may be re-listed at a later date if there were more interest shown or the project can be revised to be produced at a lower cost.

That is the basic concept.  Obviously I need to work out more details before putting this online.

Project Examples

Some of the projects I am contemplating based on most-requested features include…

Store Locator Plus : Location Export

Export the full list of locations and the base data to a CSV file.  Would not export Store Pages (you can do this with various WordPress plugins already).

I would make this a new feature of the Pro Pack.  Much like the “Import locations with CSV” I would add an “export locations to CSV” to the manage locations tab.

This would be released in a future version of Pro Pack.

Estimated Cost: $1500

Store Locator Plus : Featured Locations

Add a way to mark certain locations as featured.   Enhance the listing on the search results on the user interface.

This would be an update to the Pro Pack and Enhanced Results add-ons and may possibly require a new “Super Extendo” (ok, I’ve not thought of a good name yet) add-on pack.

The admin interface would require updates to the add/edit location form, possibly the manage locations screen, and add some settings to the map results output section so site admins could mark a “highlight featured locations” option.   It would require some tweaks to Enhanced Results to be able to access the featured location flag to change the output.   Initial release would likely be to simply make featured listings bold or highlighted in a different color as well as an option to “put featured locations first”.

Estimated Cost: $3000

There are plenty of other concepts people have asked for but these are the two most recent and most-requested options.

Your Input Wanted

So what do you think?

If I added a crowdfunding option where the user community could pitch in small amounts to fund cool new add-on packs, new plugins, or even enhancements to existing products, would you be interested?

What features, new add-on packs, or plugins would you propose?

2 thoughts on “CrowdFunding Plugins and Add Ons?

  1. I would definitely participate in this!.. There are 3 features that we need that are actually available using an alternative plugin but SLP is so much better in every other way and we’d love to be using it..

    We need:
    • Location Export to CSV
    • Featured Locations (where locations set as ‘featured’ appear above all other results
    • The ability to use Gravity Forms to add locations on the front end (We have GF Custom Post Types extension)

    I really hope some others express interest in this as it’s a way that we can all get the features we want without paying the full development cost!


  2. Oh I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO do this!!!! I really need the export feature B-A-D-L-Y. So – lets get it started 😉 Where do I donate/chip in??????

    Others to add to list:
    – feature to show true state list – like exactly whats in a state not by radius. Same with country.
    – feature to switch entry spots to links – like if we wanted to link to a website AND facebook – be able to convert the phone or fax slot to a link. I already hacked for this and got it working but would be nice for a box that says “entry type” (link or plain text)

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