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Daily Update : SLP 3.11 Is In Testing

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There is a lot of stuff coming for the next Store Locator Plus release including an update to Enhanced Map, Pro Pack, and Tagalong add-on packages. There have been a number of bug fixes as well as some notable internal updates that have bumped the next Store Locator Plus version from the “patch release” version (3.10.4) to a “minor release” version (3.11).

More details will follow when the versions of the base plugin and add-on pack pass testing. In the meantime the main highlights are:

Store Locator Plus gets the edit lat/long feature that used to be a Pro Pack exclusive. There have also been a number of bug fixes including a CSS typo that was messing up the search form on the map page. There are also JavaScript updates that allow the map to work on IE8 when location sensor is turned on and a fix for a series of settings that cause map markers to disappear.

Enhanced Map gets the per-location map markers as well as the “center_map_at” shortcode attribute.

Pro Pack has a setting to allow the “any” text to be set on the tags drop down and reporting has been fixed.

Tagalong search by category is now working. A half-dozen other quirks and ailments that have been in Tagalong for a few releases has been patched. It should be far more usable in its current state.