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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus 3.11.2

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Store Locator Plus 3.11.2

Store Locator Plus 3.11.2 was released today with a minor patch and a new feature.

Default CSS

The default css was updated to add more specific rules to help the layout work with more WordPress themes.

Initial Radius

The SLPLUS shortcode was updated to add an “initial_radius” option.   You can use this to change the initial radius on a per-page basis.

Other Updates

I will be looking at various bugs and other issues that have been reported with Store Locator Plus and the add-on packs.  General enhancements and improvements will be minimal while I continue work on the Woocommerce customization that is required for Enterprise Subscriptions and crowdfunding.   The Woocommerce Premium Plugin System work continues with some of the basic features in place such as attaching the version of a purchased plugin to an order.