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Daily Update, Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 Beta

Still testing Store Locator Plus 3.9.3, but I think it is close.

Store Locator Plus Testing…

Today SLP 3.9.3 passed all testing on the standard installation of WordPress using Firefox.  However the testing failed on my live WPMU site due to a location sensor timing issue with Chrome.    I don’t think this has anything to do with code changes, though the JavaScript file that drives the map was updated.

The problem has been in the code for a while but the updated script is executing a bit faster thanks to performance tweaks.   So the new plugin version is a tad faster, which is a good thing, but that means the inherently slower mode of past builds was hiding a bug.   Turns out the new map interface is loading faster than the remote location sensor service in the browser engine on Chrome.    In some cases the map is saying “where are you” and the location sensor is MIA.    Then it breaks.

I’ve re-coded the way this stuff works, but now I need to re-run the test suite on the dev box, the test rig on standard WordPress and WPMU.  If all goes well everything will pass and I can release SLP 3.9.3 tonight.

Enhanced Add-Ons

Then it is on to testing the “Enhanced” add-on packs.  Those packs all need to be updated to work with SLP 3.9.3.    They should work in their current form with SLP 3.9.3 but they will be much happier if the upcoming versions are married to the SLP 3.9.3 base engine.  Especially since some new features require the 3.9.3 engine and I’ve moved some of the action hooks around.

Side Note

As a side note… don’t ever update your virtual machine engine, or at least VMWare Workstation in the middle of a build cycle.   I wasted a full day last week making my dev box work properly again after what VMWare deemed a “minor update”.    Then I lost another day between last night and this morning updating my test rig thanks to the “minor update”.

So for those of you that receive a “minor update” of my plugins and it breaks stuff… trust me, I feel your pain and try to keep you from feeling it when using my products.

Back to the testing…

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  1. SLP 3.9.3 just passed WP and WPMU testing.

  2. SLP Enhanced Maps v0.4 just passed basic WP testing.

  3. SLP Enhanced Results v0.7 just passed basic WP testing.

  4. SLP Enhanced Search v0.5 just passed basic WP testing.

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