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Force Plugin Update Check

WordPress checks for new updates of the core application as well as all plugins you have activated on a 12 hour schedule.   This is typically more than enough, however every now & then you learn about a new patch to a plugin and need the update NOW.   Turns out there is a very easy way to get WordPress to “see” the update and give you the one-click update option from your admin panel.

Login to your admin panel of WordPress.

Go to “Dashboard/Updates” on the left sidebar.

Click on the “Check Again” button.

WordPress will re-poll the code repositories including WordPress core as well as the registered plugins in the Extension directory.

Premium Add-Ons and Non-Listed Plugins

If you are using a premium plugin or Charleston Software add-on pack that is NOT listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory, all is not lost.   There is a method by which a plugin author can hook into this update check and serve up plugin version information and one-click installs from their own server.  I’ve started doing that for all of the Charleston Software Assocaites add-ons, giving my premium plugins the same one-click convenience of “standard” WordPress Extensions Directory listed plugins.