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Contact Extender


Contact Extender adds contact data fields to the basic location data fields.   This add-on pack is often used with medical directory installations.   Fields can be displayed on Store Pages, in the results layout, and in the map info bubbles.

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Product Description

Adds contact fields to Store Locator Plus locations.

The following field are added to locations.

  • Identifier – a special identifier field, see CSV Import for more details.
  • Contact
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Training
  • Facility Type
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Contact Fax
  • Contact Email
  • Office Hours
  • Contact Address
  • Notes

Works Great With

Enhanced Results

Use Enhanced Results to modify the results layout to output the extended data fields. Use the slp_location Enhanced Results shortcode with the field names above to output the content such as [[slp_location first_name]].

Pro Pack

Works with CSV Import.  When using the “First Line Has Field Name” option the field identifiers above are available to import data during bulk import in addition to the standard Store Locator Plus fields.   When the identifier field is used during a CSV Import the Pro Pack will use this field to identify records to be updated when “update processing” is selected.

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