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Enhanced Results


A UI designer tool kit for the location search results.

  • Control the results functionality with admin panel settings.
  • Provides a quasi-HTML layout and shortcode editor for results table editing.
  • Feature and Rank your locations.
  • Order search results by distance, rank, featured, and more.



Product Description

What Is Enhanced Results?

Store Locator Plus Enhanced Results is a premium add-on for the Store Locator Plus 4 base plugin.   This add-on pack provides more control over the location data that is displayed in the locator user interface.  The goal of Enhanced Results is to provide admin settings that make it easier to change the look and feel of the map enabling a custom user experience with minimal effort.

Like all Store Locator Plus add-on packs, Enhanced Results is an optional side-by-side plugin that works with Store Locator Plus.    The Store Locator Plus add-on packs are true add-ons, extending and augmenting the functionality of the base plugin without modifying or otherwise disrupting active location data you have stored in the Store Locator Plus system.

What Does Enhanced Results Add?

Enhanced Results builds on Store Locator Plus to provide the following location results features:

Customize Search Results

Customize the search results layout with simple on/off selectors or create a truly custom HTML and CSS presentation using the Results Layout editor.   The Results Layout editor allows you to enter a mix of HTML and custom Enhanced Results short codes to render the location search output any way you’d like.

Results Sort Order

Switch between shortest-distance-first and alphabetical-by-name modes to change the order of the location results.=

  • Closest…Furthest (distance)
  • A..Z (by name)
  • Featured, Rank, Closest
  • Featured, Rank, A..Z
  • Featured then Closest
  • Featured then A..Z
  • Rank then Closest
  • Rank then A..Z

Mobile-Ready Telephone Links

Check a box and have all your phone output field wrapped with the tel: URI, enabling hot links to direct dialing on mobile devices.

Change Data Labels

Change the labels that prefix the search results data for things like website, hours, phone, and more.  While you are at it go ahead and change the interface instructions that appear in the results area when you are not running in “immediate mode”.    You can also change the default message that appears when no locations can be found within the user’s select search radius.

Turn Off Results In Immediate Mode

Want to show the map of locations but not the details listings? No problem, check a single box and get a map-only display for pages where you immediately look up and present your locations for your user.   Combine with Enhanced Search to manage or complete hide the search form and have a simple map-driven-all-locations presentation.

Featured Locations

Adds a “featured” checkbox to mark featured locations.    The Default SLP theme and new eLogix SLP theme have CSS rules to highlight feature listings in the below-map results.   You may need to reset your results layout to the default layout or add the [[slp_location featured]] shortcode to the opening div class in the results layout to see this effect.   You can also change the result order to show “Featured first” using a new results order setting found under the User Experience / Results panel.

Ranked Locations

Adds a “rank” entry box that accepts an integer value.   Use this field to further define your sort order using new result order settings.

More Shortcode Attributes

Get more control over the locator interface on a per-page basis with added shortcode attributes.   Override the global immediately show locations option and set the results ordering as needed with the new immediately_show_locations and order_by shortcode attributes.

Learn More

There is more information out there about Enhanced Results for Store Locator Plus, both on this site and on the sites I use to help support and develop the product.  Here are some places to learn more about the product.

What’s New

The “change log” showing what is new in SLP and the add-on packs.

Documentation and Videos

The starting point for all documentation on CSA products and the ever-growing stack of videos highlighting features and how-to sessions for the plugin.

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