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Add Locator Widgets to any widget-enabled area on your site:

  • Simple Search Form Widget that redirects to your locator page.


An agreement has been struck with the prior developer.  CSA has taken over development and will be adding more features to the Widget Pack over the coming months.

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Product Description

What Is SLP Widgets?

Store Locator Plus Widgets  is a premium add-on for Store Locator Plus.   This add-on pack creates new widgets that can be used to connect to the Store Locator Plus map or location data on your site from any widget-enabled area in your WordPress theme.

Like all Store Locator Plus add-on packs, Widgets is an optional side-by-side plugin that works with Store Locator Plus.    The Store Locator Plus add-on packs are true add-ons, extending and augmenting the functionality of the base plugin without modifying or otherwise disrupting active location data you have stored in the Store Locator Plus system.

 What Does Widgets Add?

Widgets builds on Store Locator Plus to provide the following location results features:

SLP Search Form Widget

Place a widget on your site that directs users to one of your Store Locator Plus enabled pages while passing in the search address from the sidebar entry.   The search form provides an address input box that can have an option label either preceding the input box or within the input box as a placeholder.   When the user enters a zip/postal code and presses the submit button they are redirected to your locations map.

WIDGET 4.2.02 Search Form
WIDGET 4.2.02 Search Form

SLP States Widget

This widget places a drop down list of the states in which your locations reside.   This provides a quick reference to site visitors of where your locations are.  When the user clicks the submit button they are brought to the map showing all of the locations within the selected state.

WIDGET 4.2.02 State Results After Go
Widget shown on results page. Widgets can go on any page on the site.

Learn More

There is more information out there about Widget Pack for Store Locator Plus, both on this site and on the sites I use to help support and develop the product.  Here are some places to learn more about the product.

Widgets Documentation

What’s New

The “change log” showing what is new in SLP4 and the add-on packs.

Documentation and Videos

The starting point for all documentation on CSA products and the ever-growing stack of videos highlighting features and how-to sessions for the plugin.

Issues List

The current list of issues as hosted at Bitbucket including bug reports (both unresolved and fixed) and feature requests.  You may even learn something about upcoming releases over there.

Release Details