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Store Locator Plus Icon Packs


A collection of additional map marker graphics.  Change the home or destination icon or use with

Tagalong 4.2.02+

to expand your custom map marker set.

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Product Description

A premium add-on for Store Locator Plus.   Does not add functionality, just graphics.  An easy way to get some new map markers and icons into the plugin.

Icon Pack Options

Biz Types – a set of business type icons, not great for map markers but good for Tagalong categories.

Google Old School – a basic set of Google old school “outline” icons and bubble pins.

Maki – a set of simple icon shapes provided by the Maki open source project by Mapbox.

SJJB – an extensive set of icon shapes provided by the SJJB open source project.  This icon pack has over 800 icon variations in a half-dozen colors, adding up to over 8,000 icons.   Make sure you have the bandwidth on your browser and disk space on your server for the 40MB installation.

Pins – an array of colourful pins in 4 different styles.

You can see the icon pack options here:

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Biz Types, Google Old School, Maki, Pins, SJJB


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