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Redmine Wiki Formatting with Textile

We use Redmine rather extensively for managing both our consulting projects and our commercial product releases. While the default commands listed in the Redmine help pages are useful, here are some additional formatting tricks to help you get the most out of your Redmine posts. This also works quite well in forum posts and issue reports.

Formatting a Paragraph

These simple tricks work quite well for headers as well, simply replace the p with h1, h2, or h3.  Remember to put a space after the period that ends the formatting directive.

Align the paragraph to the left (default):
p<. The paragraph text.

Align the paragraph to the right:
p>. The paragraph text.

Center alignment:
p=. The paragraph text.

Left side indent by 1em (character):
p(. Paragraph text here

Left side indent by 3em (characters):
p(((. Paragraph text here

Right side indent (margin) by 1em (character):
p). Paragraph text here

Forcing some style into Textile:
p{padding-left:12px;}. Paragraph text here

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  1. For anyone else who does Redmine wiki editing in Emacs:

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