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Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 with Add-Ons in Beta

The Beta Testing group just received their copies of the latest beta release of Store Locator Plus 3.9.3 along with the corresponding Enhanced Map, Enhanced Results, and Enhanced Search add-on packs.   Documentation and testing will commence on my systems soon as well.

If all goes well the release should be out in the next 48 hours.

Store Locator Plus 3.9.3

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: Better debugging with Debug Bar hooks.
* Enhancement: Drop duplicate language files in ./core/languages.
* Enhancement: Load textdomain (for language support) in the proper place (init).
* Enhancement: Give pot/po/mo language files the proper name and the proper directory (./languages).
* Enhancement: Get rid of unused PHP script, lessens security vulnerabilities.
* Enhancement: Eliminate unused variables and speed up front end UI a tick.
* Enhancement: Default CSS theme is now Default, Old.
* Enhancement: Default CSS theme has been updated to take elements I liked from Clean Simple White.
* Enhancement: Immediately show locations now shows home marker where base of search is centered.
* Enhancement: [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) report downloads are now AJAX based, lighter & less risky.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_manage_expanded_location_columns.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_manage_priority_location_columns.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_settings_results_locationinfo.
* Enhancement: [Hooks & Filters](/documentation/technical-documentation/store-locator-plus/slp-action-hooks-and-filters/) add slp_search_default_address filter.
* Change: Image URL field has been removed form base product (was not being used), is now in [Enhanced Results]/product/slp4-enhanced-results/).
* Change: No Results message customization moved from [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) to [Enhanced Results]/product/slp4-enhanced-results/).
* Fix: Stop [Pro Pack](/product/store-locator-plus) reporting JavaScript from loading on all pages.
* Fix: Got the locale setting working again.
* Fix: Multiple map settings fields can now have ‘ as valid field data.
* Fix: Immediately show locations works again.

Enhanced Map 0.4

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: language support for i18n/l10n.
* Fix: map center function, requires SLP 3.9.3
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU sites.

Enhanced Search 0.5

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: new option “allow addy in URL”, allows ?address=blah to pre-load search.
* Enhancement: new shortcode attribute allow_addy_in_url=’true|false’ does the same.
* Enhancement: Add languages support for l10n/i18n.
* Change: Update to work with SLP 3.9.3
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU. 

Enhanced Results 0.7

Better translation support, multiple bug fixes.

* Enhancement: language support for i18n/l10n.
* Enhancement: Results string can now contain shortcodes.
* Enhancement: New [[slp_location <fieldname>]] shortcode for use in result string only
* Enhancement: Start localization/language support.
* Enhancement: Add ability to attach an image URL to a location.  Can use Results String to output.
* Enhancement: Add ability to customize the “No Results” message under the map, including message with single quotes.
* Fix: tests for SLP is active now works on WPMU.


Success? Failure?

Please let me know either way.

If you have had a chance to test the beta versions attached here, please let me know.   Whether it worked for you or you had issues, it helps me to know in either case.   Please login and post in the forum even with a “SLP latest beta worked for me.” message.

The Beta Forum is here: