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Store Locator Plus 4.1

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Store Locator Plus 4.1 has been released this morning.

It brings better plugin themes, what I am calling “Advanced Themes” that will make it far easier to implement pre-designed custom looks for the map pages on your site.   Currently there are only two themes setup with the Advanced Themes settings, “Beside Myself” and “Simple White Four Column”.  Other pre-existing SLP themes will be updated to the Advance Themes format in the coming weeks before new themes are added.

4.1 Updates

  • Enhancement: Replace wpCSL framework with built-in library for memory conservation and processing speed.
  • Enhancement: Added German (de_DE) text translations.
  •  Enhancement: Make some of the admin interface elements more responsive allowing for textarea inputs to grow without scrolling when screen real estate allows.
  • Enhancement: Improved info bubble layout processor, does not balk when using [slp_location name] instead of [slp_location name ].
  • Enhancement: WPML integration has been started. The search form string have been added, but we need more from WPML to make this viable.
  • Enhancement: Add one-click SLP theme settings implementation for Advanced Themes.

The Store Locator Plus v4.1 issue list can be found at BitBucket.

Data Extensions

Store Locator Plus 4.1 contains the data extensions from the soon-to-be-defunct Super Extendo plugin.  This will provide a more stable and easier-to-implement process for the Contact Extender and Enhanced Results add-on packs as well as facilitate the development and implementation of future data extension add-on packs.   When Enhanced Results 4.1 and Contact Extender 4.1 are released the Super Extendo plugin should be deactivated and removed.

Advanced SLP Themes

The SLP theme system has been overhauled.    The existing themes still work and remain intact, however the new theme system can now read the hidden metadata in the CSS file headers and, if you desire, set all of the layout options for you.    This vastly simplifies the process of building new layouts with the map interface.    The initial release may only have one or two advanced themes but they will be updated on each patch to give users more creative choices.    Start with a built-in theme and adjust the page layout with Pro Pack or the results layout with Enhanced Results.   It will be far easier than before.

When you select a new theme on the drop down menu under the User Experience / View tab the theme interface will show you information about the theme.  Advanced themes have descriptions as well as a list of add-on packs they are designed to work with.   Bold links are themes you do not have installed or are not active.   There is also a preferred settings section that shows you the various layout settings that will allow the CSS file better management of the interface.   If you click the “Set Options” button at the end of the list of settings it will update the various options on the Search, Map, Results, and View panels under User Experience.    It does not save the options at this point, it sets the options and allows for further modification of those settings to match the needs of your site.    Clicking Save Settings will activate the new options and will cause the new theme to be applied with the new settings on the user interface.

Hopefully this makes it far easier to change the map interface page to do things like put the search box and results beside the map.

How the various SLP themes work depends on your WordPress theme.  The WordPress themes tend to take precedence over the SLP theme settings.  You may also find some themes have narrow content areas that do not work well with all SLP themes.   With a dozen SLP themes available, and more on the task list, you should be able to find something that works well with minimal effort.

Beside Myself, Advanced Theme
The Beside Myself theme has advanced settings for Pro Pack, Enhanced Results, and Enhanced Search that puts the search and results beside the map.
Beside Myself UI
The Beside Myself theme UI on Twenty Twelve. It has wider and more appropriate content area for the side-by-side configuration.

Screen Shots

Simple White 4 Column Advanced Theme Headers (CSS)
Simple White 4 Column Advanced Theme Headers (CSS)
The Default Theme Settings
Default theme settings, a “standard” SLP theme

About Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus is  full-featured location management system for your WordPress site. This plugin will add location search and mapping to your site. Place a shortcode on any page to display the search form, map, and location listings. Premium add-ons extend the feature set in an ala-carte fashion. Select only those add-on packs you need to build on the base plugin.

Find the latest releases of all SLP add-on packs on the Release Notes page.

2 thoughts on “Store Locator Plus 4.1

  1. SLP has worked flawlessly up until now. This update caused an issue for me and prevented me from accessing my wp-admin. I had to get my host to go in and switch it off. The program is fantastic so I hope there will be a fix for this in the very short term as my customers are paying to list their stores.

    1. This only will happen if:

      1) You have Enhanced Results 4.0.009+ installed.


      2) You turned on Super Extendo at some point.


      3) You deactivated Super Extendo afterwards.


      4) You upgraded to Store Locator Plus 4.1 without deactivating Enhanced Results (and Super Extendo) first as per the update instructions:

      A link to these update instructions are listed in the Info page of Store Locator Plus as well as the upgrade details page for Enhanced Results and Contact Extender. Clearly I need to put this in the update instructions for SLP 4.1. I didn’t realize this was an issue for upgrading SLP 4.1 until this morning and didn’t realize so many people would have disabled Super Extendo after having enabled it previously.

      Follow the instructions in the post and 4.1 will be fine. The basic idea:

      – Deactivate Enhanced Results, Contact Extender and Super Extendo.

      – Upgrade the base plugin (SLP).

      – Upgrade ER (and /or CE) to 4.1.

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