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Store Locator Plus 4 & Customization Work

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In between dealing with insurance adjusters and disaster recovery people all week, I’ve  managed to get some coding done.

Work continues on the customization project for a client along with a myriad of updates that are coming in the Store Locator Plus 4 release.     The admin interface has been changed in a lot of ways along with a number of admin-driven entries that impact how the map, search form, and results are rendered.

When Store Locator Plus 4 is released all of the add-on packs will require an upgrade.  This will be a PAID UPGRADE release for all add-on pack, not a free patch.    Users running Store Locator Plus 3.X with add-on packs for that major release will need to purchase the equivalent 4.0 compatible add-on packs before upgrading the base plugin.   Discount codes will be offered for recent purchases of the premium add-on packs, the discount amounts will be determined closer to the final release date.

Below is a preview of a custom WordPress theme (not available to the general public) combined with Store Locator Plus 4.0 features along with the 4.0 compatible paid upgrades to Pro Pack, Enhanced Results and Enhanced Search.    The “Beside Myself” Store Locator Plus theme is also used here, which will be part of the SLP 4.0 release.

Beside Myself Theme with SLP 4
Beside Myself Theme with SLP 4

Store Locator Plus themes only skin the Store Locator Plus elements.  They are not complete WordPress themes.  Think of them as “sub-themes” that affect only the map, search form, and results elements related to the plugin.

Store Locator Plus 4 - Selecting A Theme
Store Locator Plus 4 – Selecting A Theme