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Store Locator Plus Patched version 3.11.11

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Somewhere in the midst of all the edits for the upcoming Store Locator Plus 4.0 release and the current 3.11.X releases, I managed to break the edit locations functionality.    The patch was fairly simple and should have taken a day to fix, but two things conspired to make it a week-long patch.   First, I had an “offline weekend” planned with the family this past weekend and did not catch the bug before we left.   Second, I started to check email and bug reports the day I got back.  I found the problem but life immediately intervened.  Within moments of starting up my development environment I found myself dealing with a flooded house.    It was only 1″ of water but was enough to cover the floors in 2 bedrooms, the living room, and the kitchen.

Normally I take time a break from the computer work and tackle my “honey-do” list around the house.   The past 48 hours I’ve been taking short breaks away from the “house crisis mode” and getting on the computer to knock out the patches and answer some questions in the forums.    Between the computer work I’ve been busy with insurance adjusters, moving furniture, deciding what goes in the trash and what can be salvaged.    It has not been fun, but at least it is just a nuisance, nobody was injured and other than living in a house that will be partly under demolition and reconstruction all should work out fine.

Living Room Water Feature
Living Room Water Feature – one of 4 rooms with an inch of water on the floor. :/

It will, however, slow down my online responses and coding for the next 10 days while we recover.

In the meantime please continue to report issues or ask questions in the forums.  I will address problems and questions as quickly as I can.