Email support requests are way down at the bottom of my priority list. I have 40,000+ installs and 3,500 customers to support. In order to address customer needs I have a priority-of-access system in place. This ensures that everyone gets answers while providing a path for customers with mission-critical needs to “jump the queue”. Here are the support paths and the response time:

Due to the inefficiency that is inherent in answering one-on-one email, questions or issues reported via email will not be answered directly. If you have a question or issue with a WordPress plugin or add-on pack that you have purchased from Charleston Software Associates you can select from the following support options:

Support Forums

The Forums are a free support venue for my WordPress plugins.   Most questions are answered within 7 to 10 days.  As a one-man operation it helps me be as efficient as possible. Forums allow for sharing of questions and answers with the community which prevents the same question from coming to my inbox multiple times.   It also provides an opportunity for users to help users when I am not available.

Please note: many questions are answered in the online documentation.  Please review the documentation before posting in the forums. 

Premier Support Forums

Customers with an active Premier Subscription have access to the Premier Support Forum.   Questions and issues posted in this forum take precedence over all support inquiries other than paid customizations or same-day per-incident requests.   If you require an immediate response and require personal attention to assist with an issue you are having with a plugin sold on this site, the Premier Subscription is the best support option available.  In addition to faster responses you also have an influence over the features that appear in upcoming releases.

Per-Incident Paid Support

If you have an issue that requires a faster response time but do not wish to subscribe to the Premier Subscription service, you can purchase support on a per-incident basis.   You can choose from several response-time options including 3-day email response, 24-hour email response, and site login services.

Product Customization Services

Need custom features added to one of the products listed here?  A new add-on pack developed?  The Product Customization service may be able to help.  With prices starting at $500/code-day you can get a customized solution that perfectly matches your needs for far less than a 100% custom-coded solution.   All customization work is designed to become a mainstream feature ensuring compatibility with future updates of the base plugin or add-on packs.