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Tagalong 0.7 Released

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lance Cleveland

Tagalong v0.7 Released

Charleston SC, March 14th 2013 –  Charleston Software Associates released Tagalong 0.7 today, in conjunction with the Store Locator Plus 3.9.2 release.  This a minor release update according to the company.  Minor release updates focus on behind-the-scenes improvements in performance and memory and minor, if any, user experience changes.

The primary focus of this release was Store Locator Plus 3.9 compatibility.   There have been significant internal changes within Tagalong to leverage some of the new object oriented features of Store Locator Plus 3.9.2.   The plugin was also updated to eliminate the requirement of using the Store Pages premium add-on that was necessary in the past 3 releases of Tagalong.  While the Store Pages add-on pack will still provide some extra interface and location management options, it is not longer required to add some of the extended features for this plugin.

Tagalong is still officially in beta release as the entire feature set has not been completed.  Work is expected to continue this month on moving toward a formal 1.0 production release with added features.

You can learn what is new via the SLP 3.9 Release Notes page.

About Tagalong

Tagalong is a premium add-on for Store Locator Plus that brings more advanced store categorization and customization to the base Store Locator Plus package.   One of the primary features in the beta release is the ability to add custom map markers to the on-map search results.    The plugin uses the built-in WordPress categorization system, which brings more advanced management controls than the proprietary “tags” system that comes along with the Pro Pack.   Tagalong is slated to completely replace the Pro Pack tags feature at some point in the future.    Tagalong is slated to become the primary add-on pack for extending location data in both search results and custom SEO-based Store Pages.

About Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus is an advanced system for managing multiple physical locations via a fully integrated WordPress solution. You can add details such as a store description, hours, a website address, an email address, and tags for each location and then display those locations easily on any page using a shortcode. The location search form and Google Map will automatically be displayed.

Advanced customization is available via the settings interface in the admin panel. The map can be customized via the admin panel to fit better on your site by allowing for different sizes, map types (terrain, satellite, standard views), and default location settings. The search form can be customized to show or hide a country pulldown, a city and state pulldown, and tag search fields.  can also re-label every entry field and can opt to enable pop-up email forms to help reduce spam.

For additional information, contact:  Lance Cleveland at /mindset/contact-us/.

About Charleston Software Associates

Charleston Software Associates (CSA) is a software publishing and consulting firm that specializes in WordPress plugins.  Charleston Software Associates was founded in 2004 as an independent software consulting firm specializing in custom application design.   The consulting division was acquired by now-defunct Cyber Sprocket Labs in 2005.    CSA was re-energized in August 2012 with the acquisition of key software products.   The flagship product is a top-rated WordPress plugin that brings a low-cost yet full-featured location management system to businesses large and small.   Research & development continues on additional business-centric products built on the WordPress content platform.    Charleston Software Associates is located in the Charleston South Carolina Metro area operating from a home office in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.