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Tagalong 4 Features

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More work has gone into the Tagalong category system for Store Locator Plus in preparation for the SLP4 release that goes into beta next week.

The latest feature is the ability to display cascading menus on the user interface.   This feature uses JavaScript and hidden divs to display parent and their related children in a multi-menu fashion.  Previous versions of Tagalong only allowed for a single indented menu to be used to select the Tagalong categories.    This new feature will show or hide child menus as new parent menus are selected.

Tagalong 4 Settings
Tagalong 4 Settings

The following videos shows  the new Tagalong cascading menus as well as a brief overview of setting up categories and importing categories via the CSV file.

Another new feature that was added this week is the only_with_category shortcode attribute.  This attribute allows pages to filter results based on a specific category slug.  This works much like the Pro Pack only_with_tag feature.  Documentation is online for both features.

Store Locator Plus 4 / Tagalong 4

These features will be included in the Tagalong 4 release that works in conjunction with Store Locator Plus 4.     Store Locator Plus 4 is a free upgrade, however if you upgrade the base plugin from Store Locator Plus 3.X to Store Locator Plus 4 you MUST upgrade all of your add-ons.    The add-on upgrades are a paid upgrade.    Discounts will be offered for users that have an active copy of the SLP3 compatible add-ons that have been purchased within the prior 12 months.   Details will be posted when the final release of SLP4 goes online.

Users with active premium add-on packs will be given the opportunity to receive the SLP4 beta as well as the beta versions of their add-on packs starting next week.   Details will be posted online in the blog and on the forum.   Access to beta versions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Any user that is running Store Locator Plus 3 and is planning on upgrading to Store Locator Plus 4 should consider setting up a testing/staging site and installing the new versions for testing prior to the final release.