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Using JetPack + WordPress for Social Media Marketing


Here is a 5-minute video I put together for the people that have been asking me about WordPress and social media.   I use Jetpack to publish my blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr.   It is very easy to setup and takes about 5 minutes to get going, assuming you already have accounts with at least one of those services.

Jetpack allows you to publish to any or all of the media services on a per-post basis.   Thus you can keep your social media accounts connected and still control what people are seeing on which services.    You can also attach multiple accounts for those posts that might be in both the business and personal camps or are cross-category posts for those of you who maintain multiple social media accounts.

Since I was working on an update to the Charleston Beach Volleyball and Social Club site, I thought this was a great time to shoot a quick video.

I apologize in advance for the horrible audio.  This new bluetooth headset is horrible at noise reduction and the microphone pics up EVERYTHING.   Great for silent environments but not when it is 98-degrees out and you have the fan going in the background to counter the under-performing air conditioning!