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Wall of Shame : Point Immatriculation, Saisson France

Sadly I have another addition to make to my customer “Wall of Shame”.

Newest Wall of Shame Addition

Point Immatriculation

Marteau claims that their PayPal account, which is still active, was used fraudulently and that the purchases they made at CSA were not authorized.

Interesting that they claim fraud yet their site is using Store Locator Plus.

Guess the thief that stole their card also hacked their website and installed the Store Locator Plus application!

Wonder how this got on their live site if the charge was unauthorized?


Point Immatriculation
Marteau Jacques-Antoine
6 rue du beffroi


Phone: 0323727272

Prior Wall of Shame Inductees

Honfeng Dong (

iPhonex claims their credit card was stolen and this charge was not authorized.   Their $15 purchase for MoneyPress : eBay Pro Pack will now cost CSA more than $23.   Was this user too lazy to contact us and request a refund?  Or didn’t want to go to PayPal and start a charge dispute?  Or was the card truly stolen and this is a fraudulent credit card charge?  Who knows.   Send then an email and find out!

Ryan (Mark) Chesney (

Mark decided that the best route for getting a refund on a product that was purchased 3 months ago was to issue a chargeback through his credit card company rather than contacting me directly.    Nice move, now he gets his refund and his “purchase” costs me an additional $22.   What a tool.

Want to ask Ryan what he’s thinking?  You can reach him at:

Attn: Ryan Chesney
516 W 860 N
American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 369-3635

Stacy Kaufman

Stacy claims that the purchase she made here is an unauthorized charge, yet her PayPal account remains open and active.  Odd, why would PayPal keep an account open and active when someone claims the account has been compromised?   I can’t quite figure that one out.

Oddly, Stacy is using the full version of Store Locator Plus on the Pure Brazilian website.   Kind of retarded that people don’t know you can actually VERIFY use of the product on a live website.   Not only is Stacy using the product but using a version that was just published a few weeks ago.

You can get in touch with Stacy here:


Tel: 9542171980

Billing address

Stacy Kaufman
Pure Brazilian
905 Shotgun Road
Sunrise, Florida 33326