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WordPress 3.8 Infinite Scroll

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During the IRC brainstorming session that was held on August 8th, 2013, I proposed a new feature for the 3.8 release of WordPress, Ininite Scroll of Paginated List Tables.    Rather than have the hard-coded pagination and tables, use an infinite scroll user experience to eliminate the page searching.

WordPress 3.5 Hard Pagination On Tables
WordPress 3.5 Hard Pagination On Tables

This post is where I will be directing comments and feedback on the feature concept.    Research, development, and progress.   Consider this the “head end” of the blog thread.    Related links will be posted here.



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One thought on “WordPress 3.8 Infinite Scroll

  1. Review of plugin “Infinite Scroll for Admin” by HelgaTheViking.

    It is a simple implementation, which is my favorite rule of design… keep it simple Stewart. The implementation is handled via and admin_init hook to load the plugin text domain and an admin_enqueue_scripts hook to ensure the script only loads on a few admin pages (edit, edit-tags, edit-comments).

    The admin_enqueue_scripts hook loads an open source jQuery script (jquery.infinitescroll) via wp_enqueue_script which has been localized with some simple text messages, and then uses admin_print_footer_scripts to put an echoed jQuery script into the footer of the selected admin pages.

    The custom script monitors the div #the-list or #the-comment-list and uses the .pagination-links “button” to append contents to the aforementioned div.

    Simple, but a few things need further investigation. Translation files need to be created. The footer script methodology needs to be reviewed for best practices in WordPress 3.6+. Should Infinite Scroll be an option that can be easily turned on/off via WordPress settings? If so, where should the on/off switch live in the core admin UI?

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