Add a store locator to your website or mobile app.

Store Locator Plus is the leader in high-performance locator technology for your website or mobile apps.   Our My Store Locator Plus service is a fully-managed locator service that works with any website and mobile development platform.   For businesses managing their web presence with WordPress we offer our top-rated WordPress plugin with buy-and-own add on options or an all-inclusive Premier subscription service.

A custom store locator app on a tablet.
A custom store locator app on a tablet.

Performance Sets Us Apart

While most store locator software and services make it “look pretty” first, our focus is on performance.    Every iteration of our locator software is designed with performance-first as our mantra.   The ability to manage thousands of locations and present location maps to users without long delays sets our locator apart from the pack.   It is why our Fortune-500 clients now use Store Locator Plus as a key component in mission-critical hyper-local directory and locator programs.

Store Locator Customization Services

Your business has a vision.   We are here to help support that vision.   Our team of developers and interface design experts are available to help tailor your store locator map and directory solutions to deliver exactly what you need when you need it.   Unlike many custom map and locator solutions out there we strive to integrate the features that make your vision a reality into our product line.   That means you will not be stuck with a custom version of our products and services leaving you on your own when it comes time to upgrade.

Have a unique vision? Let us know.  We will deliver.

My Store Locator Plus

A managed service for any web presence or mobile application.

Our managed locator service hosts your location information and application services on a high performance computer network in the cloud.   We manage the backups, security, performance tuning, and keep Store Locator Plus upgraded to the latest release for you.   All you have to do is add your locations and “turn the dials” to set the look-and-feel for your web presence or mobile application.

SquareSpace , Weebly , Wix, and WordPress are just a few of the web presence providers we’ve been playing with lately.

If you are using WordPress you no longer need to use the WordPress plugins on your site, including Store Locator Plus.  You only need the embed JavaScript code MySLP provides.

If you have any questions about deployment please do not hesitate to send us a note.

WP Store Locator Plus

The “buy it and own it” solution for self-hosted WordPress sites.

This is where it all got started.   Our WordPress plugin is running on over 15,000 websites worldwide at this very moment.    Powerful add ons bring features like cluster markers, location categories and filters, and territories to the free base plugin.    Install it on your self-hosted WordPress site and find out why thousands of customers choose our locator and directory plugin.

Our self-managed solution gives you full control over the features, updates, and location data.   Perfect for businesses with a web presence consultant on retainer or with an in-house information technology team.