Store Locator Plus is kicking off 2017 with a notable revision to the user experience tools available in the map and location finder application.    Store Locator Plus for WordPress has long employed “Plugin Styles” as a way for users to jump-start their custom look-and-feel for the locator on their WordPress site.    With the recent release of the My Store Locator Plus SaaS service it was obvious that a modern system for deploying updated styles was going to be needed.

Store Locator Plus 4.7.3 is replacing the static CSS-file based styling system with a cloud-hosted style gallery.   This will allow the user experience team at Store Locator Plus to deploy new styles without having to wait for the R&D team to design and test a new version of the application before a new style is available to the users.    Our design team can now assist all Store Locator Plus users that are having styling issues and provide them with a faster turn around for one-click fixes to their locator interface issues.

The new system also provides access to more experience controls.   This will allow designers to turn on things like side-by-side layouts or custom map tile styling which was not possible with the previous system.   Better “out of the box” experiences will be coming to our users.    We’re just getting started with some basic styles today with more advanced styles coming over the next few months.

We are also opening up the option for Store Locator Plus clients to sponsor styles in our gallery.    By purchasing a custom style we will create a one-click deployment that fits bets for your Store Locator Plus install.  You’ll have the option to have your site noted in the Style Gallery along with a link to your brand.

You can see the new beta version of the system in action here:

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