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Upgrading WordPress Means Upgrading Your Paid SLP Add Ons

For our WordPress users, next week will mark the two-year anniversary of our move away from our “Legacy Add Ons” to our newer Premier, Power, and Experience add ons.  We made this change back in the fall of 2015 for many reasons including:

  • less plugin overhead on customer sites
  • fewer upgrade notices for customers
  • better interoperability between our add ons
  • better performance from the add ons
  • less overhead for development/testing/support
  • more time to focus on adding features and improving our service.
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Updates To Address WordPress 4.8.2 Issues

WordPress 4.8.2 was automatically updated on millions of websites worldwide yesterday.  Some of those sites, including those using the Power add on for Store Locator Plus, lost functionality of some key features during the update.    Today, our WordPress plugins Store Locator Plus 4.8.6 and Power Add On 4.8.6 have been released to address these issues.

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Category Checkboxes In Locator 4.8.4

Store Locator Plus adds the ability to select categories of locations using checkboxes with the Premier add on and Power add on installed.

For WordPress plugin users, you will need an active Premier Subscription to enable the new feature.  It will also require SLP, Power, and Premier to be updated to version 4.8.4 or higher.

MySLP Enterprise level users will be getting these updates in the 17.10 upgrade to the service later this month.

Premier + Power = Category checkboxes with 4.8.4