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Recent Updates to Store Locator Plus 4.6.4

Store Locator Plus version 4.6.4 fixed the zoom settings, the plug-in tabs “save changes” and the back-end UI.

The change in the back end user interface will not be noticeable to most users. The naming of sections and tabs and settings now will use programmatic slugs instead of the plain text names. This allows the settings translations in different languages to remain intact even if language files have not been updated. This means future updates to Store Locator Plus, Power, Experience, and Premier add-ons will no longer lose their settings tabs. Another behind the scenes development is populating the plug-in and add-ons with “smart options” settings. To learn more please watch the developer’s brief You Tube.

Change Log for Store Locator Plus

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SLP versions: Power add-on, Experience add-on version 4.6.1 updates to import functions


Store Locator Plus 4.6.1 Highlights

• Allow add-ons to load JS on a per-admin-tab basis. Reduces browser overhead and memory footprint on admin pages.

• Simplify and improve the new option manager. More consistent option handling, more security option management, better performance.

•  Checkbox on/off validation for all add ons – fixes instant checkbox saving on admin panel for some add on options

• All language files are now pulled from the MySLP website.  • Missing translations? See MySLP and add your translation updates there.

Change Log for SLP Power Add-on

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Power add-on Release 4.5.10 fixes short code only_with_

Surprise!  He did it again…..our world traveler and developer supreme fixed a bug (..truth be told..he probably introduced the !oops! by muddling around with making a good thing great) that was discovered by one of our loyal customers who upgraded to the Power Add-on and shared it with us in the Store Locator Plus Support forum.

We also would like to thank the many new Power users and Premier Members who took advantage of  the latest sales campaign to  upgrade their Legacy add-ons.   Although our summer sales event is alas coming to a close,  you die hard Legacy add-on users can still request a coupon to upgrade to the new and improved Power add-on (with faster than ever importing functions, )  Experience Add-on group or our platinum Premier.  The coupon value will be determined as shown under the relevant  Product Descriptions.

Power Change Log

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SLP version releases, Power 4.5.10 , Premier 4.5.10 while in flight

I hope everyone is enjoying the balmy summer weather. The developer and author of Store Locator Plus has been very busy with updates  in preparation for meeting his MYSLP team.  I am sure he will have some interesting stories to tell when he gets back.   He hasn’t been idle!  While pond hopping he managed to revamp and publish   Store locator Plus 4.5.10, which we hope provides better information on how to actually get that pesky Google API, browser , server console key  or whatever they are calling it these days, into the right location in the SLP General settings.  Thanks to a user question, apparently the linked instructions under the SLP INFO tab may not have been as user friendly as hoped.

Other updates were to the Power Add-on and Premier Add-on.    Premier 4.5.10 was released while the author was mid flight somewhere over the Atlantic.218px-Fly00488_-_Flickr_-_NOAA_Photo_Library

The Power Add-on and Premier Add-on were not playing nice together when it came to icons and map markers assigned to the Category Manager and settings.   Thanks to a recent Premier Subscriber for revealing the mismatching icons issue and for patiently working with SLP while it was resolved

Stay tuned for a future update; I am  hoping this  will  help us all keep our versions  straight,( this blogger included who has told people to update to a non-existent version of an add-on, causing mayhem and confusion in her wake)  has been requested from numerous loyal customers.  Yes, you asked for it , he heard you, and  coming to your account dashboard in the not too distant future, being able to view the version add-on that is available to you under your account downloads.

In the meantime, please check your versions under the Support tab on the home page.


Change Log for SLP


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Release Updates: Store Locator Plus 4.4.34, Pages 4.4.07, and Extended Data Manager 4.4.02


Store Locator Plus 4.4.34


  • Added: a new feature to Reset (not to be confused with REST) your locations display under the General Admin tab without having to load Janitor to fix the _option_nojs admin locations per page.
  • Fixed: the “SLP did not send back a valid JSONP response” error message. This bug was discovered when a Premier customer had a combination of settings in the radii options under the experience/ search along with some other check boxes.
  • Updated: to accomodate REST API v2

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Release Updates: SLP 4.4.30, Pages 4.4.06, and Pro Pack 4.4.04

Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus developers have been busy with a lot of coding to prepare for the transition to a better and, hopefully, smoother internationalization and language translation process with add-ons and/or updates to the base plug-in. Translation files will no longer need to be 100% updated and accurate to prevent the settings strings from “dropping off”. This is the first iteration of several that will slowly convert all admin settings to be language “neutral”. The release also includes some minor performance improvements and an update to the German language file thanks to one of our Store Locator Plus customers. Tutorial and informational videos (on this release as well as “How to” instructional videos) can be viewed on the Store Locator Plus YouTube channel.

Pro Pack v 4.4.04

Pro Pack has also been updated to address two known issues. The first issue that may not be apparent to many users was found in the Pro Pack Reports. Pro Pack Reports were creating duplicate indexes.That has been patched. The second issue that was reported was with remote import functions set for a chronological upload. The schedule import time has to be set to seconds not the top of the hour, (NOT a time like 14:00 as noted in the help text). The help text in Pro Pack has been fixed to clarify.

Import CRON
Import CRON

Pages v 4.4.06

A bug was found in a past Pages release causing Pages to reset the custom Page templates and also resetting them back to draft whenever locations or other info in your location database was changed. That has been patched in 4.4.06

As a side note, if you missed the 2016 Future Forward announcement, both Pages and Pro Pack will be included in the new Power add-on, estimated to be ready for production in April 2016.

The technical background for Pro Pack release notes, Pages release notes and Store Locator Plus 4.4.30 are explained in the below videos

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Version updates: SLP 4.4.27, Experience 4.4.07 Janitor 4.4.03, Pro Pack 4.4.02, Gravity Forms Integration 4.4.02

This work is considered to be in the public domain
Peter Brueghel the Younger ” Village Lawyer”

Store Locator Plus 4.4.27

If you have the Experience add-on and had not already updated to 4.4.06 or 4.4.07 prior to SLP 4.4.27, you must do so FIRST

Highlights and Updates:
There were settings in the distance parameters that effected the radius results used for ranking settings and effected the radius behavior settings that is used for pagination (a Premier feature) as well as Additional results features in Experience add-on.  The DOM structure for the info bubble has changed. As a result , the div# rule for the sl_ info bubble needs to be “non- generic”. The new div# rule needs to have the slp_id.  This may require some updating and additional changes to fix some of the SLP plug-in styles.  New plug-in styles have been added and older SLP plugin styles have been updated.  As the SLP development team moves closer to the SaaS goal the intent is to simplify the amount of maintenance that is inherent when updating multiple add-ons and legacy SLP coding that is less efficient, less than optimum performance, and time consuming. Sites that have not been updated for years may have issues when “jumping” versions or not updating the add-ons to maintain compatibility with WP and base Plugins.
Always be sure to Check SLP and Add-on versions if you see issues on your site.

Store Locator Plus Janitor

SLP Janitor Product Image

Janitor is a free add-on exclusively for use with the SLP base plugin and add-ons.  The Janitor user interface has been retooled to work with the new Expereince and Power add-ons and to patch some bugs that prevented the resets for options_nojs.  Janitor provides  tools to reset, delete, and manage UI settings.  It also provides a tool for  deleting location data, cleaning up extended data and Store Pages.   A bug was reported by a forum user that the reset tool for admin_locations_per_page was not saving. Since it had been set to show 5000 locations per page, the locations admin page would not load, preventing management of the locations. The default is 10 locations per page. Some systems can accommodate 100 locations per page but more will usually break the upload of this page.

Janitor Release details:  through 4.4.03.  Requires SLP 4.4.27


  • Add Gravity Form Integration and Gravity Forms Locations settings.
  • Simplify the admin interface to have tools and settings displayed
  • Cleaned up the settings interface.
  • Show SLP Installed Base version (such as 4.4.27) which is used to trigger the activation/update code.


  • Resetting of individual options_nojs settings for base plugin (reported in the forum)

Pro Pack v 4.4.02


  • Delete duplicate report table indexes.
  • Fix the index creation SQL.

Gravity Forms Integration 4.4.02

GFI is a Third Party Add-on by Debaat that interfaces with the Free Gravity Forms Location add-on within the Store Locator Plus Add-on suite. The GFI updates fixes the create pages integration and has been retooled to work with the SLP 4.4.xx version layout. Questions for DeBaat can be posted in the Third Party Add-ons Forum

Change Log for SLP

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Daily Update: Store Locator Plus 3.11.1 / Pro Pack 3.11.1

store locator plus banner

Just got back from a weekend business trip to Atlanta and wrapped up the patches for Store Locator Plus 3.11.1. You can always find the change log at the Release Notes page, here is the summary of what was released today:

Store Locator Plus 3.11.1

Fix: address without geocodes are highlighted again.

The highlight bar for uncoded addresses went away in a recent release, this is back now.

Enhancement: slp_manage_location_where 3rd party add-ons can control the manage locations screen.

Updated the base plugin with features that allow for more add-on pack features to be developed, like the Pro Pack “show uncoded” feature.
Enhancement: Added ja_JP language files

Thanks Shohei Tanaka for posting a Japanese translation of the main Store Locator Plus plugin.  It is for a slightly older release but will help translate most of the built-in text.

Do you want to submit a language translation for inclusion in a future release?  Read this post for helpful hints on how to do that.
Enhancement: Force alternate index keys to 255 characters to try to fix WordPress dbDelta bug.

I am still battling a bug in the core WordPress dbDelta function that impacts updating the base plugin.   The bug causes duplicate indexes to be created on each install until you reach 64 total index files, then MySQL starts to have issues.   A patch that was put into an older release would seek out the duplicate indexes and delete them on every update.  Unfortunately some systems, especially on shared hosts, do not allow a WordPress app to access the MySQL system information necessary to check for the duplicate indexes and thus the upgrades generate errors.   This latest attempt to work around the problem implements a workaround that has been discussed in the WordPress community that may obviate the need to look up the indexes in the restricted systems table.    I won’t know if it works until the next patch comes out.  Fingers are crossed.

Pro Pack 3.11.1

Show Uncoded Fixed

The show uncoded button broke at some point.  This has been fixed in this patch.

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Daily Update : Store Locator Plus

There are a few things going on with Store Locator Plus that have been precipitated by some paid customer support and customization work.

Store Locator Plus 3.10

The next release will be version 3.10.

The minor version number has been changed as there is a significant difference in SLP 3.10 that is coming…

Pro Pack will no longer be a license key based install.  As of 3.10 the Pro Pack will be a separate download file.   Anyone that has valid Pro Pack license purchased from Charleston Software Associates can request access to the Pro Pack download.   It will be attached to your Charleston Software Associates login.   You MUST have an active CSA login and a valid order number on the site to get the plugin added to your account for download.

If you do not have an order or CSA login you must create an order.  Purchase the free Store Locator Plus base plugin.

Like the Store Pages process, you will need to contact me if you do NOT see the Pro Pack download in your account.  You must send me your current Pro Pack license key, it must be active and valid, and your WooCommerce order number.    If you do not contact me with both pieces of information I will send you an auto-response asking for that information.

Unlike Store Pages, I will try to add the Pro Pack download to as many recent orders as I can process before the 3.10 base plugin is updated.

More instructions will follow and info will be posted in the forums when 3.10 is closer to release, hopefully early next week.

Moving from GitHub to Bitbucket

Some of you have been reporting issues on GitHub.  That’s great.

But I’m moving the code repository.

I have decided to use Bitbucket as my only code repository management system for the simple reason that they offer private code storage while hosting public issue/ticket lists for those products.    This will allow me to open public issue tracking lists for all customers to access, including the premium add-ons.   This will help keep issues organized versus the current GitHub system where all issues are being reported on the base plugin even when the problem has NOTHING to do with the main code.

My Bitbucket account, including a bunch of code repositories I inherited from Cyber Sprocket Labs, is here:

There are a variety of projects there including mobile apps and other WordPress and Joomla! plugins that I am not going to support.  Anything that I have not interest in pursuing has been published as an open public project.

Over the next week or two  I will be opening up the issue lists for all the Store Locator Plus add-on packs, giving everyone a place to report issues that can be reproduced.

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Store Locator Plus : City Drop Down

CSA Store Locator Plus Video

Intro to City Search

A brief intro video about the City drop down menu and how it works.
This is currently a feature that is available in the Pro Pack but will be soon
moving to Enhanced Search, where it belongs, along with other search related features.

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