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    I installed the Store Pages add-on. There are only 214 locations but for some reason there were 1518 store pages created. :S

    I tried deleting them using the dropdown on the Locations UI, but that didn’t work and so I had to delete them manually.

    Aside from the problem above there seems to be another issue. I wasn’t able to use the checkbox in the header/footer of “Store Pages” listing to select 20 at a time. I had to check each one individually and delete one at a time. Since this was TEDIOUS and taking too much time (1518 times!) I did some investigating and found that there was an error being generated on the Store Pages page:

    TypeError: $(…).accordion is not a function<wbr />content/plugins/custom-post-<wbr />type-ui/js/cptui.js?ver=1.0.4
    Line 3

    I’ve been using Custom Post Type UI plugin for this project and haven’t seen any errors from it whatsoever, but for some reason it is generating the above error on the Store Pages page which breaks JS functions (ie: clicking the ‘all’ checkbox in the header/footer, or even dropping down the “Screen Options” in the upper right corner).

    A temporary solution was to disable Custom Post Type UI plugin so I could more quickly remove all 1518 store pages manually. Hopefully I can create all store pages again from the Locations UI and it will only create a single page for my 214 locations…


    Custom Post Types is a free plugin and so hopefully you can duplicate this problem on your end with SLP and CPT both installed. Can you tell me how to go about resolving this issue? I have other plugins which use the same accordion script and are working correctly, so I’m thinking this is a problem specific to the Store Pages addon plugin.


    Thanks again!!



    Hi Robert. I installed “Custom Post Type UI plugin”.  I was able to bulk delete Store Pages without an error. Can you tell me what WP theme you are using or any other plugins you suspect being a conflict?

    Also a link to you locations page can be helpful in diagnosis, even for admin panel questions.


    By the way, I know of two ways to bulk delete store pages: From the Store Pages panel, as a bulk action, and from the Locations listing, also as a bulk action.

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