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    I have a “Gravity Form 2.0.6” with the “Sore Locator Plus V4.6 free” and “Gravity Forms Locations 4.5.02”. And it works well.


    1. I would like to add 2 more fields in the upload form and 2 filter fields in the search results.

    Can i do that with “DeBaat Extended Data Manager”? Or better with the “Enhanced Search (Legacy)”?

    Or is the solution the “Pro Pack (Legacy)”?


    2. i need an automatic activation and publishing of each entry.


    3. Can the user manage his own entry (delete or modify) directly with a link from the confirmation email? Ore do you know an other way?


    Thank you for your help


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    1) Questions about the  Gravity Form add-ons by De-Baat and his other add-ons need to be posted on his Third Party Forums

    2) The fields to use as filters for search, depends on what you want to add. You can add search by Name, search by address etc etc with Enhanced Search or Experience Add-on. See discrete search docs

    3) User Managed Locations

    That is another De-baat question and needs to be posted in hos forum.

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