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    We would like to add a Show All as a default category in the dropdown selection so that a user could search by location across all of their market segments. Is there a way to do that? All of the stores were imported using Pro Pack and Tagalong.

    WordPress v 4.3.1 / Latest Store Locator Plus with Pro Pack & Tagalong





    I am not using Tagalong myself for the moment but I have tested and I think I found the answer to your question in this video from Lance.

    SLP Youtube

    If you can have a parent set as “All categorys” and your current categorys under that it will work as you request. I dont know if you need any other addon or subscription to make it work.



    The Premier package has a new feature under development that does one better and the drop down categories which can be formatted and searched in a variety of ways. Parent, Parent child, etc. We will be sending out an Info Blog about this as soon as the developer has it at a stage that he feels is ready for release to the general public (or I should say Premier subscribers) . It is very robust so it has been under development for a custom site for a while.
    It will be available in Premier 4.3.04 (or 4.3.05) but you must have a Premier Subscription.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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