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    I am not sure how to align my map on my website.  I want to purchase the Pro Pack to import 10,000+ locations but before I do so, it would be greatly appreciated if someone is able to assist me. I’ll include the link for what I am referring to.  Thank you so much in advance.




    Lance Cleveland

    What do you mean by “align my map”?

    The NO MAP theme you are using is and older map and does not work well with many WordPress Themes.   You can modify the CSS for that file OR add Pro Pack and use the CSS Editor under the Pro Pack tab to edit the CSS rule set for the No MAP theme.

    You need to start by adding/updating this CSS RULE:


    #map_sidebar {

    clear: both;

    width: 600px;



    There are many other styling rules that can be applied to clean up the output, however I would suggest using Enhanced Map to turn the map output on/off.   That option tends to work better with more themes.





    Lance Cleveland

    BTW, I added the clear: both rule to the “No Map” theme for the next release, but you will likely want to control more of the styling than that future SLP update will provide.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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