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    I have purchased the Taglong add-on, which has allowed me to create categories for my locations in my listings. This has been a brilliant start. However, what I really want to be able to do is to only view the listings for certain categories on certain pages of my website. My website is in the very early stages of construction at present, but can be found at –

    It is basically a local info portal aimed at families, providing listings of activities for kids and adults and listings of childcare and education providers in the area. As you will see from my site at present the ‘activities for kids’ ‘activities for you’ and ‘childcare and education’ sections of my site are divided and subdivided into many sections.

    At present I have Store Locator Plus with Tagalong installed on all of the these listings pages within my site and at present every page is showing all of the listings, regardless of what category they have been assigned to. What I want is for each pages to only display, on the map and the listings underneath, those locations which are assigned to that category, so that users are not for example trawling through hundreds of random listings on the childminders page, just to find the childminders listed in the area.

    I have tried adding a short code to each page, which I thought may have achieved this end. For example, on the – activities for kids/baby and toddler/music and dance – page, I put the shortcode

    [SLPLUS only_with_category=baby and toddler music and dance]

    But this does not seem to have had any effect! Could you please advise as to how I might achieve my aim?


    Thank you




    Hi Lance,

    sorry to be a pain, but any luck on looking I to my listings issue?

    Thank you





    Look at the short codes again. Do you have quotes /documentation/store-locator-plus/shortcodes/#only_with_tag

    and are you using Pro Pack?

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