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    Heya! I’m building a site for our client who purchased your plugin and I can’t figure out the setting combination to get the discrete state search to work properly.

    We’ve got the local chapter search on one of our dev sites here:

    If I disable the radius search it returns every office in the country. If I enable the radius search it returns nothing for any of the states but the zip code search works fine. You can see on the site’s contact page that Florida, for example, should return 8 locations.

    In a perfect world we would like to have site visitors be able to enter a zip code OR select the state drop down. If they enter a zip code it should return a radius search. If they use the state drop down it should return all the offices in that state.

    Second preference would be to select via the state drop down.

    How do I need to configure the plugin for the state drop down to only return the offices in one state?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    –Chris Cree
    Web Savvy Marketing

    For Frank Fiume



    Hi Frank. There have been a couple of updates as of last week, so first thing you should try is updating your plugin.

    Can you tell me your settings for Radius Behavior, State Selector, Selector Behavior.

    Also, do you have any locations set to “featured” (alway show)?

    I just looked at your locations page in FireFox, with FireBug enabled. I did a search for Florida. Here is the Database Query it used:


    “SELECT *,( ‘3959’ * acos( cos( radians(‘35.471447360955’) ) * cos( radians( sl_latitude ) ) * cos( radians( sl_longitude ) – radians(‘-115.85773054999999’) ) + sin( radians(‘35.471447360955’) ) * sin( radians( sl_latitude ) ) ) ) AS sl_distance FROM wp_store_locator LEFT JOIN wp_slp_extendo USING(sl_id) WHERE sl_latitude REGEXP ‘^[0-9]|-‘ AND sl_longitude REGEXP ‘^[0-9]|-‘ AND ( NOT sl_private OR sl_private IS NULL) HAVING (sl_distance < 40000.000000) OR (sl_distance IS NULL) OR (featured = 1) ORDER BY coalesce(featured,0) desc,sl_distance asc,sl_distance asc LIMIT 50”




    Heya Aaron!

    Thanks for responding. I just went in and updated the plugin to the current 4.2.40 version and I’m seeing the same issue.

    I tried to go through every permutation for those settings, though it is quite possible I missed a combination. Right now this is how the plugin is configured:

    • Radius Behavior: Do not use
    • State Selector: Dropdown, Discrete Filter
    • Selector Behavior: Disable Address When Using Selector

    I edited each of the 31 locations we have to confirm that none have been the Featured check box ticked. So no locations are designated as Featured at this time.

    I’ll attempt to attach a screen shot of our Search Form Settings configuration page if that helps any.

    –Chris Cree
    Web Savvy Marketing

    For Frank Fiume

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