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    I’m currently working on a development version of my company’s website. With the dealer locator, here is what we’re wanting to do: In results, show the name of the location, then under that miles, then under that category, then under that tags.

    I’m attaching a screen shot of what it looks like now, and showing how I would like it to look.

    I can get the tags to show up under the “Directions” link, but not over under the company name where I want them. Also, the tags only show up if “Enhanced Results” is disabled. I can’t get tags to show up when “Enhanced Results” is enabled.

    I can’t get categories to show up at all. I can get the legend above the listings, no problem. But I can’t figure out how to get individual categories to show up under the company name.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Lance Cleveland

    If you are moving the results under the name and distance you will want to move them with Enhanced Results, which will require that add-on stay active.

    I have patches to SLP (4.0.7), Enhanced Results (4.1.13), and Tagalong (4.2.00) all in prerelease that need final testing before production.    You can find each of these releases under the Premier account downloads section:


    I had hoped to get all of these online earlier this week but SLP failed testing at 4.2.06 and had to be updated.   As soon as I got it patched and was able to run testing on 4.2.07 I fell ill and was unable to complete production.   Unfortunately my new assistant is not at a stage where he can be handling testing and production of the product line, so things have fallen behind.

    Look for production copies soon.

    – Lance



    Hi Amy,

    This is what we did for this and it works well.  See attachment. We are also using enhanced results. On the User Experience Tab under results, we added the following code in the last <div>

    [slp_location iconarray wrap=”fullspan”]

    Here is the screen shot of the results,  Of course you must have icons assigned to the tagalong categories.

    Hope this helps!





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    Lance Cleveland

    Thanks for helping Mike!

    I’m just getting back into this as I recover from surgery.   I just got out of the hospital last week and still have a month or more of at-home recovery.

    Every time a user helps someone else in the community it is a HUGE help to me right now & very much appreciated!


    – Lance

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