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    I have set up store locator plus with categories (Tagalong).

    But when i choose between the catogories it is affected by the radius option.

    This means the if my radius is set to 100 km and i choose the first area in categories i only see the shops that are whitin 100 km, the locations that are further away than the 100 km does not show on the map.

    Is it possible to have the categories show alle locations that are in the catogories no matter the radius





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    Hi Cici

    i have attached the plugin environment

    pls. advise

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    The radius settings are the basic premise of the Base Plugin so if you want to show all in  a category set the radius higher:HOW SLP WORKS

    Additional Settings :

    under  EXP/RESULTS number of and radius to show at start up. Example:  Number To Show Initially ? How many locations should be shown when Immediately Show Locations is checked. Recommended maximum is 50.

      Radius To Search Initially ? (set a wide range here for more results)  SEE THE HELP TEXT UNDER THE QUESTION MARK:::::”What should immediately show locations use as the default search radius? Leave empty to use map radius default or set to a large number like 25000 to search everywhere.Can be set with shortcode attribute initial_radius if Force Load Java Script is OFF”

    Max Search Results _??

    (How many locations does a search return? Default is 25.)

    Display locations as soon as map loads, based on map center and default radius. The settings in the startup section here impact how this mode works. Enhanced Search provides the [slplus immediately_show_locations=”true|false”] attribute option.

    Anothtr setting that also effects radii options:  Under EXP/SEARCH: Note here that I have put a parentheses around (25) so that will appear first in the drop down menu, and then added a lot more choices that will be displayed in the Search form selector

    Radii Options


    Separate each number with a comma “,”. Put parenthesis “( )” around the default.


    If you click on the ? next to any of the settings it will provide you hints and often links to the documentation.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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