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    I am trying to get the categories selected during bulk upload.  I am uploading 10,000+ store locations and the stores have categories of stores they can be.  Is there a way to do the upload and while the categories are uploading the correct check box is selected for the store to activate that location?

    I have attached a screen shot from our dev environment.  The three category boxes under the Pro Pack Tagalong need to be selected to activate the location.  I would like to set a parameter that will put the correct check in the box during the bulk upload.  We have the column in our CSV file and the upload is working as it uploads the categories.  We just would like the check box to be checked during the bulk upload.

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    Lance Cleveland

    Add a category column to the CSV file and it will create the category if necessary.  Examples of location imports with categories are on the CSV import page:




    Thanks for the reply Lance.  I can get the categories to add during the bulk upload, but they will not check to be activated after the upload.  We have to go into each one and select which of the categories they are for each store.  I would like to be able to activate the category by uploading it and having in active as they are brought in.

    Thanks for the help.

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