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    SLP version 4.2.62 and Pro version 4.2.15 – just updated today, 6/22.


    When I upload a CSV file, when complete it tells me 103 lines found and 103 new locations added.

    When I search to find these new locations 8 locations are found but only 1 appears in the search listing. It’s a chain store with the same name for all stores, so when I search all 103 should appear.

    When uploading it seems to be reading the CSV file correctly but not updating the database correctly.

    Help!  Thanks

    PS – I’ve used this program for years and this is my first glitch. Overall am happy with it.




    Have you looked under the troubleshooting section to see if there is a possible conflict with a theme, another plug-in , etc.
    Follow the debugging instructions to check for conflicts. You may also want to check the server configuration to see if there have been any recent changes. Follow the guidelines in the troubleshooting documentation.


    If you run the debug and check the other areas as instructed in the documentation and that still fails you will need to provide the information requested in the “About Forum” section (all the stuff about your plugin environment, add-ons url, etc ) before the tech guru will be able to assist you, it saves a lot of back and forth, appreciate it:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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