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    I recently purchased your kitchen sink package. It may have been a mistake, as now I have so many options shown to me that I feel lost trying to find a simple option.

    I am using your software for a freemasonry grand lodge website that I am revamping, for the purpose of helping users locate a local lodge:

    As such, there are unique fields I would like to incorporate. For example a field labeled “Stated Meeting”, that shows the day a lodge holds their business meetings, such as “1st Monday, 6pm”. I realize that I could just put that in the “hours” field, but there are several other custom fields I would like to include.

    Am I just getting lost in the variety of options being offered me, or is there no way to add in such a custom field?

    My apologies if you have answered this. I attempted to locate an answer, but was unsuccessful.

    Thank you for any assistance you may offer.



    Here is a better example of what I would like to do. Our lodges (stores) are grouped into districts. I would like to define a custom field, “District”, which would be a searchable/filterable attribute for each location.

    In the same manner, it would be nice to also have a searchable/filterable field for County.



    Looking at your other posts, I see that you found answers to your questions and found a way to resolve the additional information by adding categories.


    Lance Cleveland

    Location Extender, a new add-on pack for the upcoming SLP 4.2 release, will add several location fields including:

    • Introduction Text
    • Year Established
    • County
    • Region
    • District
    • Territory

    It does not have extended features for user selection at this time.  It is meant to add fields that can be shown on the results output using Enhanced Results or in a Store Pages detailed info page.

    This foundation, however, will provide a good starting point for adding features in future releases such as a county/region/district/territory selector on the user interface.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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