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    Setting a custom map marker is not showing on the map. If you have the map set to show locations immediately (i.e. without searching) the the custom map pin shows.

    On searching the map, the pin reverts back to the default. (I just assumed it wasn’t working until I switched to show locations before searching)

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.28 (or 4.2.29)

    Enhanced Map:4.2.01

    Enhanced Results:4.2.02

    Enhanced Search:4.2.04

    Pro Pack:4.2.03

    SLP Base Extensions:4.2.28

    WordPress Version:4.1

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    Any news on this BUG ?

    I set a custom pin – the custom pin doesn’t show ?




    Heath, can you post a link to your locations URL. Is it the recovery site you linked in another post?



    Yes it is Aaron,

    I’m not sure how I can demonstrate the problem. If you search Specific Name “Bridge” and enter “BD1” “in Search Where?” that location is set to a custom pin, but of course it is not showing.



    Hi Guys,

    I have turned off the “Starting Image” and turned on Immediately Show Locations so you can see the problem with this much easier.

    If you look at the map (the center is set to the middle of the UK) zoom in and you will see a PIN icon which stands out among the rest of the purple (google style icons).

    When you do an actual search, this pin for Bridge reverts back to the default.

    Hope you can help.



    can anyone help with this issue?



    Hi Heath,
    Have you updated SLP to Version4.2.50 and WordPress to 4.2 (do not think that effects this particular instance) WP VersionsTested 4.2.2
    ProPack is up to 4.2.11

    Enhanced Results is on 4.2.06

    I realize you started this thread before the last updates so am wondering if you updated the plug-ins if you were still experiencing your issue?.



    This has never worked on any version.

    I have just enabled theme Twenty Fifteen just too see if that makes a difference and it doesnt.

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.54

    Enhanced Map:4.2.01

    Enhanced Results:4.2.06

    Enhanced Search:4.2.08

    Pro Pack:4.2.11

    SLP Base Extensions:4.2.54


    WordPress Version:4.2.2


    Lance Cleveland

    Fixed in EM 4.2.05, released in the past 24 hours.



    Hi Lance, thanks for looking into it.  I’m afraid it is still not working.

    Store Locator Plus Version:4.2.55

    Enhanced Map:4.2.01

    Enhanced Results:4.2.06

    Enhanced Search:4.2.08

    Pro Pack:4.2.13

    SLP Base Extensions:4.2.55


    WordPress Version:4.2.2

    Site URL:


    MySQL Version:5.6.17

    PHP Version:5.3.28


    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:32 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:100M

    PHP Modules:



    [8] => bcmath

    [9] => calendar

    [52] => cgi-fcgi

    [0] => Core

    [10] => ctype

    [11] => curl

    [1] => date

    [12] => dom

    [2] => ereg

    [43] => exif

    [14] => fileinfo

    [15] => filter

    [16] => ftp

    [17] => gd

    [54] => geoip

    [18] => gettext

    [13] => hash

    [20] => iconv

    [55] => imagick

    [38] => imap

    [57] => ionCube Loader

    [22] => json

    [23] => ldap

    [3] => libxml

    [24] => mbstring

    [25] => mcrypt

    [53] => memcache

    [56] => mhash

    [26] => mssql

    [27] => mysql

    [28] => mysqli

    [4] => openssl

    [5] => pcre

    [30] => PDO

    [31] => pdo_mysql

    [32] => pdo_pgsql

    [33] => pdo_sqlite

    [34] => pgsql

    [35] => Phar

    [36] => posix

    [37] => Reflection

    [21] => session

    [39] => SimpleXML

    [40] => soap

    [41] => sockets

    [19] => SPL

    [42] => SQLite

    [6] => sqlite3

    [29] => standard

    [44] => tidy

    [45] => tokenizer

    [46] => xml

    [47] => xmlreader

    [48] => xmlrpc

    [49] => xmlwriter

    [50] => xsl

    [58] => Zend Guard Loader

    [51] => zip

    [7] => zlib



    note, the site above redirects to a live site.  I am more than happy to send you admin login details for ukrecoverymap (my test site) so you can take a closer look ?

    I still have the problem reported back in reply#post-28271

    *just another glitch I have found … i thought I would just try disabling the Featured (but left the rank field set to 1) – this removed the organisation completely from the results and map.

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    sorry, more info: With my theme enabled and the show results immediately (as reported in 28271 only happens with my theme enabled), if I use 2015 WP theme I do not get the custom pins at all (just the default).  I hope all this is making sense….



    Yeah, I know – it still says Enhanced Map:4.2.01 above I had done all the updates, checked for updates but there were no updates so had assumed I had the latest installed.  I went ahead anyway and updated the Live site and the custom pins are now working.  I had to manually uninstall, download and re-install the latest version of EM for my test site.  Something is not right with these updates :/  I shouldn’t be doing this at 2am I know.

    But thanks for fixing the issue 🙂



    Unfortunately bugs that require quick fixes may occur when additional features are added to enhancements. Testing of all new releases is done but as with any product that has many lines of code,some lines that can cause an error in a different feature can occur. We apologize for any inconvenience. To minimize this occurrence in the future. additional enhancement features to the add-ons will be handled via Premiere Subscriptions.




    Thanks CiCi,

    I see progress is being made with the updates and there is now a changelog to see, which is great !

    One thing you may clarify for me regarding this original post as I am not convinced it is 100% fixed….

    I was under the impression that Featured listings would be “plotted” on the map above none featured listings ?

    My custom pin is being drawn on top of every other map pin. This is not how I understood featured/rank to work.




    Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. I’m still learning all the new features,,,well should I say enhancements so as not to confuse the issue. There was a ranking and a featured listings as I recall. I would need to look into this on my test site to see how its working.  You don’t have Tagalong right? I know that was causing some conflict when  Tagalong, ProPack and some of the other add-ons all referenced custom markers. (which comes first the chicken or the egg issue?) But that was quite a while ago. Let us know if you see a conflict between references involving any of your map markers. I will look into it at my end.



    Hi Cici, thanks for the follow up.  No, I don’t have tagalong.

    Not sure what else i can test, but will try set some time aside for experimenting.



    Hi Guys, did you get anywhere with this?

    I have a load of map pins (two of which are not the default) and they are both plotted on top of the others which I don’t like.

    have a look at

    If you search Halifax (in the UK that is) you should see a cafe map pin plotted above other higher priority pins as you zoom in and out


    Lance Cleveland

    Have you updated to EM 4.2.09?   I fixed another bug in the location markers processing stack when Tagalong markers were in use.




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