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    I have 2 custom themes with new names in my css directory


    Every time I update the plugin i lose these themes and have to upload again.  Is this the correct place or should they be placed in the WordPress theme directory.  This is extremely frustrating any help would be appreciated.




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    Joseph, A suggestion in the WordPress site that may prove useful regarding custom themes. I am not sure if this will help, but I go to the WordPress site to find suggestions. I am not the tech guru, I hope this helps.



    This has not to do with wordpress themes but custom SLP theme.

    Based upon this page /documentation/store-locator-plus/user-experience/view/themes-custom-css/.

    The following paragraph explains

    Retaining Themes

    You will not need to do anything special to retain your custom themes, unless you uninstall the plugin. Upgrading or patching Store Locator Plus will not overwrite your custom theme files assuming you created them with a new name. If you simply change an existing theme file it will likely be overwritten with our original copy when you upgrade.

    To prevent losing work when upgrading, I recommend creating your own CSS file names versus modifying the ones I provide.

    It is wrong, or written incorrectly. So as i asked and based upon the original question above, with the files referenced above. What is the correct procedure/location for my custom css files to which they will not be overwritten regularly with the abundance of minor plugin updates this product seems to have.



    Ok, Understand now Joseph.
    Although it was a bit difficult to read your referenced paragraph above. I see that this has been an issue in the past so I will need to do some research. If I cant find anything I will bump it up to the gurus.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Lance Cleveland

    I am testing a patch for that very issue in the upcoming SLP 4.2.51 release.

    The prerelease is available for download for Premier members or for people that purchased the $10 locator here.

    Production release should be out in a few days, assuming all testing passes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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