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    Sebastian Benoit


    First of all, a big fan of the plugin!

    I need some customized modules of the product and maybe the PRO PACK can help me, but before I buy it I would like to ask a few questions. I have a website where you can find candy stores.

    Is it possible that:

    1. on the frontpage, have a search bar where you only can search after zip code and city.

    2. A map over the different locations, and little info about the different stores.

    3. a page pr store when clicking on the store and a product button, to buy products from the store.

    4. a page containg a overview of all the citys you can search for.

    Is all this possible with either PRO PACK or?

    Please write back soon.

    Best regards Sebastian Benoit




    Hi Sebastian,

    I believe we answered the question in a support email.

    #3 would require customization as part of an eCommerce project and the developer would need to discuss specifics with you to provide pricing options. You might want the Pages add-on. Pages adds SEO-friendly WordPress pages for each of your store locations

    #4 can be done with either Directory Builder,  (see video) or the New Widgets city search as part of the Experience add-on. (There is a video in Info and news as well on the new Widgets and EXP addon

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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