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    Hi there,

    Fantastic WP plugin btw! I’m just taking over on a legacy WP dev project w/ a new client & they are using SLP w/ a variety of paid add ons. My Q is ‘very’ specific & I’ll try to precisely describe that Q:

    In “User Experience > Results > Enhanced Results”, I was able to add a new class to the enhanced results layout code that will now pick up the “Store Categories” (see below). The class “slp_location categories” 100% accurately displays the store category ID (i.e 18, 19, 49 etc) BUT this is not the right <code-word> to be used to show the actual store category “name” in the enhanced results table. Clearly, the word “categories” needs to be changed to something else to get the actual store categories “name” in the enhanced results – but I can’t seem to find/uncover what that correct word might be?

    <div class=”results_row_right_column”  id=”slp_right_cell_[slp_location id]” >

    <span class=”slp_location categories”>[slp_location categories]</span>

    [slp_location iconarray wrap=”fullspan”]


    Any insight/suggestions would be fantastic!


    -Jeff (Vancouver, Canada)


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    I’ve been continuing to investigate/test how to bring the actual tagalong (stores_categories) name into the enhanced results table using a shortcode. So far, I’ve learned:

    1. [slp_location iconarray wrap=”fullspan”] – brings in the locator icon (as expected, works 100%)

    2. [slp_location categories wrap=”fullspan”] – brings in the actual tagalong category ID (18, 19, etc)

    3. In the slp_locator WP database table, the actual name of the tagalong category sits in the db table with the following field name > sl_neat_table

    I’m convinced there is a shortcode combo that will bring/pull the tagalong category name (not the icon, or ID) into the enhanced (html/shortcode) results table.

    Generally, I can figure code-puzzles like this out, but for whatever reason I cannot come up with/uncover the ‘exact’ shortcode combo that will put the actual tagalong category ‘name’ in the results table.



    Vancouver, Canada


    Lance Cleveland

    The data is not stored in neat_title.  It is stored in the options field and is a JSON string that lists the WordPress taxonomy IDs that contain the data.

    New shortcode options for Results Layout are coming in Tagalong 4.2.02 (in progress for release this month) that will have a category_count, category_names, and category_details attribute to the slp_location shortcode.



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