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    The Chrome console is showing me the following messages:

    getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() are deprecated on insecure origins, and support will be removed in the future. You should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.

    1442453298index.js:6 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check

    Please update the plugin to avoid future issues. The page is

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    First , in order to assist you, please provide your Plugin Environment. The steps and info needed is in the Forum Posting Guidelines.

    Did you use Script-Debugger?

    Troubleshooting Debugging



    Updated to latest version(s) of base + pro. No change.

    Not sure about the script debugger. In Chrome, just press F12, switch to Console tab and visit

    Plugin environment below:
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>Store Locator Plus Version:</span>4.3.13</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>Pro Pack:</span>4.3.02</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>This Info Cached:</span>1441933910</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>WordPress Version:</span>4.3.1</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>Site URL:</span></p&gt;
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>MySQL Version:</span>5.6.23</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>PHP Version:</span>5.5.30</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>PHP Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>WordPress General Limit:</span>40M</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>WordPress Admin Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>PHP Peak RAM:</span>15 MB</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>PHP Post Max Size:</span>8M</p>
    <p class=””envinfo””><span class=””label””>PHP Modules:</span></p>

    [32] => bcmath
    [8] => bz2
    [9] => calendar
    [0] => Core
    [10] => ctype
    [11] => curl
    [1] => date
    [45] => dom
    [2] => ereg
    [39] => exif
    [13] => filter
    [14] => ftp
    [33] => gd
    [15] => gettext
    [16] => gmp
    [12] => hash
    [18] => iconv
    [44] => imap
    [53] => ionCube Loader
    [38] => json
    [3] => libxml
    [29] => litespeed
    [26] => mbstring
    [51] => mcrypt
    [52] => mhash
    [34] => mysql
    [43] => mysqli
    [4] => openssl
    [19] => pcntl
    [5] => pcre
    [30] => PDO
    [31] => pdo_mysql
    [46] => pdo_sqlite
    [47] => Phar
    [49] => posix
    [42] => pspell
    [20] => readline
    [21] => Reflection
    [22] => session
    [24] => shmop
    [25] => SimpleXML
    [40] => soap
    [35] => sockets
    [17] => SPL
    [6] => sqlite3
    [23] => standard
    [27] => tokenizer
    [28] => xml
    [48] => xmlreader
    [41] => xmlrpc
    [37] => xmlwriter
    [50] => xsl
    [54] => Zend OPcache
    [36] => zip
    [7] => zlib
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    That is not an SLP issue Google wants you (the site owner) to ONLY use SSL (https) on your website. You can ignore ot or buy a SSL certificate and install it on your site.


    Thanks for providing the detailed info


    Lance Cleveland

    This is not a bug in Store Locator Plus.

    The short version of the technical discussion is “Google wants you to upgrade your site to use an SSL certificate (https) when using location services.”

    In other words, if you are going to use any product that has location services (GPS) enabled or an option to be enabled you will get security and deprecation warnings in Chromium based products unless you purchase and install an SSL certificate for your site.  This is part of Google’s push to get every website onto https.


    Some articles on the issue:



    Thanks Cici and Lance. Not a bug. I’ve removed that tag.

    I wonder if your replies cover both issues, or just the first (Google-related) one.

    Also, once geolocation is switched to HTTPS exclusively, I’d say that Store Locator might be limited on many sites, which isn’t good for business. Is there a way around this?


    Lance Cleveland

    That is 100% up to Google and will likely only impact Chromium.     Firefox, IE, Safari are unlikely to follow suit, which is why Google has been in “proposed to deprecate http support” for nearly 2 years now.  It is only recently they started putting out warnings for those that look at that sort of thing.

    Store Locator Plus is far from the only locator service that would be impacted and the function in question is the only way to obtain a lat/long from a users (site visitors) device.



    Lance Cleveland

    As for 1442453298index.js … I have no idea what that is, but it is not part of Store Locator Plus.

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