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    We have locations worldwide and i have a map for North America but will also need a map for South America, UK, Asia, Europe, Australia, Middle East as well as just a world map version as well. Is this possible with the Pro Pack to create more than one map? How would this work with the short code?

    I would also like for the maps to have the geo-location capability. For instance once a person goes to the location page the map will appear but the closest locations to them will appear based on their location. Is this also possible with the Pro-Pack add on?




    Are you currently using Store Locator Plus? If so please provide the add-ons and version of the releases in future posts. Read this before posting in Forum

    There is a location sensor setting with ProPack.

    If you want to rank the locations Closest to furthest that can be obtained with Enhanced Results

    As far as different maps; Are you referring to having a different map setting per page? That is possible with a center map at shortcode on the page,


    You would also need to set your Map to Worldwide and have the radius behavior set to a large number for the search. Those additional features can be found in Enhanced Search




    Thanks for your response

    We do not have a full version as I am doing research on which plugi-in and add on we would like to use for our website. This is site is not currently up yet as we are in the starting stages. The theme that is being used is ZK Monaco.

    All the information you provided makes great sense but i am still not clear on the multiple map question i had. I understand that i can add locations and use a shortcode to make a map of locations. I made one for North America and on the page of North America this map will appear with the list and hotspots. I still need to create a couple more maps for different parts of the world. Will i get different shortcode for these different maps for the other pages for example South America.

    Thank You



    Since South America is not just “one” country but Multiple countries the “center map at” would not work the same way.The short codes for center map at would be identified within the shortcode attribute on the MAP page . There is a feature being developed that will be available for Premier Subscribers only;

    “Border Influences”. That might work better for what you are trying to do. As far as each having geocode capability, that is part of the base plugin as mentioned.

    You could set individual Map attributes with Multi Maps, but I am not sure if that is what you are looking for, you would need to read the product description. That SLP add-on plug-in is authored by Debaat


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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