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    The filter seems to work well when building the directory, but the records in the landing pages are not filtered.

    In the link below you’ll find the website directory, it has schools and parishes<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>:</span>

    Schools: Sheffield(5) / Parishes: Sheffield(3)

    But when you click on either one, both landing pages (Schools in Sheffield & Parishes in Sheffield) will show all 8 records, mixing together schools and parishes.

    Filter by the field “territory”; values are “School” or “Parish” – shortcodes are:

    [slp_directory by=”city” style=”list_with_count” landing_page=”/schools-in/” filter_by=”territory=’School'”]

    [slp_directory by=”city” style=”list_with_count” landing_page=”/parishes-in/” filter_by=”territory=’Parish'”]

    Website Directory URL is:

    Thank you for your help!








    I see 5 Sheffield schools + 4 Sheffield parishes = 9 results on the Sheffield city page. The situation is that it is linked to a city page, not a school or parish page.

    I don’t see filter_by on the documentation page for directory builder but it is mentioned in the release notes for November 2014 (4.2.08).

    Have you tried taking the single quotes out? Like this:  [slp_directory by=”city” style=”list_with_count” landing_page=”/schools-in/” filter_by=”territory=School”]

    Also you may wish to match capitalization of school to how it appears in your admin panel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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