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    Currently it seems like Directory Builder is sorting results based on distance. How can this be changed to sort alphabetically instead?

    For example, I’m using Directory Builder to show results for each State. But I want the results to be alphabetical.

    But I also let users use the SLP search feature and want those results sorted by distance.

    Thank you!



    Hi Brady. Can you let me know what shortcode you are using? (Also a link to your locations/directory pages will be helpful.)

    I created two directory builder pages, sorted alphabetically. This one lists states/territories:

    [slp_directory by=”territory” if_blank_use=”city” landing_page=”/locations/” style=”list_with_count”]

    This one lists cities:

    [slp_directory by=”city” style=”list_with_count” locator_page=”/locations/”]

    I’ll be interested to know if either of those shortcodes create an alphabetically sorted list on your site.




    Unfortunately I am unable to post a link to the dev site, but this is the shortcode I’m using:

    [slp_directory by=”state”  style=”list_with_count” landing_page=”/find-a-physician/state/” filter_by=”sl_country=’United States'”]

    Our first SLP page lets visitors search by radius and the results are sorted by distance. I have two buttons under the radius search to allow visitors to see all listings by State or Country. I’m assuming this is why the States page is listed by distance and not alphabetical.

    Is there a way to overwrite this on just the State page?

    Thanks for the help!




    Now that I look at it closer, I don’t know how it’s sorting.

    I just selected California to see all listings in that State and it’s showing locations in San Diego before locations in Los Angeles (San Diego is far south of Los Angeles), so it’s definitely not sorting by distance to the center of California.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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