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    I just added a location named Russel’s Reels & Firearms to my SLP database. Everything appears to be working fine except for one thing. When I locate the store on the main map and hover over the icon the name is not displaying properly. Here is what I am seeing:

    Russell's Reels & Firearm Service

    I know that those are the HTML escape codes for an apostrophe and the ampersand but would like to have it displayed properly. I double checked the entry and it is correct in there and it displays correctly if I click on the icon to see the locations details.  Is there a setting I am missing or is this a bug in the software?


    Here are the details on my SLP plugin:
    Store Locator Plus Version: 4.2.38
    Tagalong: 4.2.03
    SLP Base Extensions: 4.2.3
    WordPress Version:4.1.1

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    I couldn’t get it to properly display what I am seeing on my map so I have taken a snapshot and I am adding it here. (it won’t let me edit my original post for some reason.)



    Lance Cleveland

    Site URL?





    Search zip code 62946 to see the location my message refers to.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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