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    why is there a discrepancy between the distance returned in the map sidebar vs. when a user clicks through the directions link to google maps? I’ve tested this with 5 locations and used exact addresses and the SLP map results show different mileage from Google Map.



    we can close this. I beleive i found my answer here: /why-do-store-locator-plus-search-results-keep-changing/


    Lance Cleveland

    Yup, that is a BIG issue with Google.   Now that I have an Enterprise OEM license and access to their internal team I can confirm that Google Maps API is absolutely-without-a-doubt different than the public Google Maps website.    I have had two different Google employees tell me “yup they are different and will never be exactly the same”.

    The short answer – Google purposefully hampers the API data so their own internal products/offerings provide better & more current data.

    Not cool but the other map providers (Microsoft for one) are FAR more costly to license and are not very friendly when working with small business owners.   Google is the only viable choice at the moment even if they do provide inaccurate data via the Maps API.  Kind of sad for a $20k annual price tag.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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