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    You can see the enhanced search with the Countries is not displaying the results of the countries. I’m really hoping you dont have to purchase enhanced results to get something from the enhanced search to display correctly.




    Issues Resolved. How I did it:

    • Updated to latest versions of all plugins.
    • Deactivated Tag-a-long (wasn’t using).
    • Updated Search Options (all marked as hidden besides Country Selector – which I set to ‘Dropdown, Discrete Filter’
    • Updated Map Options (Centered at US, Zoom Level = 1, Zoom Adjustment = 0)
    • Updated Results Options (Number to show Initially = 100, Radius = 5000)
    • Turned on Force Load JavaScript
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    If you could share with the forum what exactly you have for your Plugin Environment before and now? and your site url..(See Posting guidelines) .we have not heard about ES being broken

    And before using or suggesting others to use Forceload Javascript which is HIGHLY discouraged read this Troubleshooting  information .  SLP cannot support and have it be re-written to support  poorly written themes or themes using old jquery versions not compatible with WP 4.5.2     If all your issues started when you updated WP to 4.5. please read information that was posted on Lances Blog and on many WP support forums. One of your Plugins or your theme  is using jquery version 1.11….that is what probably  “broke” your search map.  It would be best to have your theme or other plugins author update to the new jquery version as advised by WP and other security

    jQuery UI Autocomplete 1.11.4

    * http://jqueryui.com


    * Copyright jQuery Foundation and other contributors

    * Released under the MIT license.

    * http://jquery.org/license



    P.S. Jacob could you provide your Plugin environment, your Plugin environment will show the PHP version and MYSQL version…we have discovered that some issues occurred with the last update if your host has PHP 5.4. or lower…Could you check and let us know?  4.5.09 is coming out that will allow lower versions of PHP to work.

    Your plugin environment screenshot i s best, it only shows the pertinet  SLP plugin add-ons and versions as mentioned

    Also I now have a legacy site and am using it to test and recreate any issues with legacy add-ons and compatibility.   The zoom issues were fixed a while ago, in March I believe.  As far as initial radius display more than 5000 I have not seen that happen, but having intial amounts to show at 100 locations is not recommeneded, we suggest 50,

    Mine is set at 50/ 10,000. It works fine so far, I am adding more locations to that Legacy site to test as many variables as possible

    As mentioned FORCELoad javascript is not preferred method because that will break other things on SLP.  Suggest update or request update of your theme authors or plugins that are not currently at jquery 1.12 .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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