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    Hi Cici,

    When I try to reply to your last post in the thread “Event Tracking on Location Pages”, I get a Sucuri Firewall access denied notice (screenshot attached).

    Here is my reply:

    lol, yes – that’s the problem I am having.

    So, how does one track the clicks on email, telephone and website links on the SLP Store Pages? I need to setup OnClick Events for Google Analytics. The only way I can see doing it is going into each page manually (once created) and adding the tracking code, which is obviously very inefficient.

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    Hmm, I dont recall where you posted the first question, a few people added posts to the Sticky note about Posting Guidelines, I tried to split those ut…so if one was yours…ooops…

    I do not think that specificity for reporting is a function of SLP, there is a reports button if you have ProPack, but I dont think it will give you that much detail. I understand the premise, Lance actually was involved with the very original “click-it” many moons ago. I think it was when the internet was a baby! I don’t know if it possible for Lance to develop it as custom work to work with the Plugin and WP. I will run it by him next time I see him.

    Reports functions using ProPack



    Hey Brady
    Good Lord this stupid bb press wont let me merge this topic with the previous one. I don’t think its you.
    Ugh! I think I added your other question in the to do list, but Lance is strapped for time for the next two weeks with projects and WP camp in Philly/ I will try and mention it to him. I think this over my paygrade.



    Thank you Cici.


    Lance Cleveland

    Edit the Store Pages Template to add your tracking codes.  You can mix HTML and JavaScript to create per-location tracking codes or you can elect to use generic tracking codes which should track the source page automatically.


    Go to the pages tab, edit page template, then go to the locations tab and recreate store pages using the bulk action.


    It will override and per-page custom edits if you’ve gone in and edited any pages after they were created from the locations interface.

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