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    I have the Store Locator Pro Pack, Tagalong, and the “legacy” Enhanced map, results, and search add-ons. Do also need to purchase the Experience add-on? I’ve updated to the latest Pro Pack and other add-ons, but get no initial search results on the map, and when I go to my Experienced settings, I get this error: The Enhanced Map add-on is not running as efficiently as possible. Upgrading to the latest Experience add-on is recommended.

    Is the Experience add-on a necessity to get things working as they were before I updated?



    No you don’t,  the 4.3 versions have been tested and work fine with SLP 4.4.xx.

    What exactly is it that you are missing and what did you update from and to….If you had some very old add-ons they might not be compatible with newer versions of Store locator Plus (I am talking about skipping from  4.1 to 4.3 or higher  for example)  Please  provide your Plugin Environment and more information if you are requesting assistance, (a screenshot is best, see the Posting Guidelines for more information)

    If you did buy any of the Enhanced Products recently you can request a discount coupon to be applied to receive the Experience Add on which includes 4.4 versions of Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, and Newer expanded version of Widgets.

    P.S. Are you running multiple versions of the add-ons on multi sites?

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    I have a client with a live site running Store Locator Plus 4.4.17, along with the latest versions of the Pro Pack, Tagalong, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Map, and Enhanced Results. It’s set up to display numerous location at initial map load, and the map functions as expected.  A screenshot of the live Plugin Environment is attached. (live-info.png)

    In order to get all plugins updated on the site, I’ve moved everything to a staging server, with the exact plugin configuration except I’ve updated to Store Locator Plus 4.4.19, but now the initial results do not load, and I get this error message when changing Experience settings:

    The Enhanced Map add-on is not running as efficiently as possible.
    Upgrading to the latest Experience add-on is recommended.

    A screenshot of the staging Plugin Environment is attached. (staging-info.png)

    I can’t post a url of the map on the staging site since it’s password protected, but here’s one of the maps on the live site:


    The client has it set up to display TONS of listings automatically, so it takes a little time to load. They don’t load at all on the staging site. I’d be happy to provide a link and password info to the staging site if there’s someway to do that outside of the forum.


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    The message saying that upgrading to Experience is more efficient is just that.  It is not an error message, it is a message saying ” It is more efficient., i.e. better performance”   You do not HAVE to upgrade, it is compatible with SLP 4.4.xx. Apparently your site is working correct?  If you do think you have a bug, you can turn on  the WP debugger  and email the log with error messages to support.  If you need someone to login  on your site or into your system to troubleshoot that is typically a Paid support function (pricing depends on what level of support you require) as it takes time away from the developers  workday to develop new releases or new projects.




    P.S. moving sites over, etc see  information about that under Troubleshooting  additional information under the News article from some time ago but may still be applicable for you

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