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    I use SLP 4.2.49 and WP 4.2.2.

    When I try to Export All, Download CSV in the Bulk Actions feature under Locations, Manage, I cannot download my entire database. I have a t otal of 3500+ locations. Today the downloaded CSV file stops at 1447 lines. Last week before I updated to the latest version of SLP it stopped at 1630 lines with lots of unintelligible code following where it broke off.

    Can you suggest how I can download the entire database? I am doing a lot of updating to my locations and want a backup csv file before any major changes are made.

    Thanks very much. Otherwise I love the plugin. It’s great for our little business!




    Assume you also have the latest version of Pro Pack 4.2.11? Have you tried the debugging tools? The latest version release of SLP base plug-in should not have effected any export functionality. It could be an issue with the maximum execution time for PHP processing of your server. I am not as familiar with that subject as some of the technical team but I did find some info under the Info “news” , Pro Pack change logs and support documentation:




    Lance Cleveland

    I am in the midst of testing a 160,000 location export on a memory-restricted server.

    The short answer:  a patch to SLP (4.2.53+) and PRO Pack (4.2.13+) should export large data sets (25,000+ records) or smaller data sets on memory-restricted servers with far fewer problems.


    Though I’ve personally imported and exported 250,000 locations on my virtual box on my Macbook Pro with no problem I’ve recently learned that hosted website, even on larger servers, can have far more competition on memory resources.  Especially on a busy server like the one that hosts this website.    It is  a dedicated server, but the nuances in how the WP DB engine works and how memory is allocated and restricted across all MySQL sessions on the server creates some unique behavior.

    What I learned is the the WordPress DB engine tries to stuff the ENTIRE locations table and all related data extended data tables into memory.  All at once.  In one big chunk.  Then hands out ONE RECORD at a time as requested.     While this makes things a lot faster for subsequent operations on a set of data it uses a TON of memory that is marginally-if-any faster than reading in one-record and processing it immediately then going  onto the next.

    The update to PRO and SLP force the WP DB engine to only read and store one-record-at-a-time into memory before writing out the CSV file and moving on to the next record.   My initial test show it is marginally FASTER than the “load it all into memory” process WordPress is operating under.    It also uses waaaaayyyyyy less memory and thus it appears (I am still in the midst of testing) that I can now get a 160,000 record data set off of a memory-restricted server without the process suddenly croaking at some random point in the middle of the file.

    There is more testing to be done before the final release but initial indications are good.

    You can play with the SLP and PRO prerelease products, but remember they may not be stable.    They passed basic testing and should not cause any issues, but I would not recommend using them on a production server and certainly would only use them on a system where you have full backups of the data and software.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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