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    When I Export CSV, the resulting spreadsheet has all the fields from the wp_store)locator table, but does not join with the wp_extendo table, which is where we keep the dealer ids. Is there a way we can export both tables as a join so the resulting csv also includes the fields from the extendo table, or at least just the “identifier” field in the CSV?

    Our environment:
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Store Locator Plus Version:</span>4.3.07</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Contact Extender:</span>4.3</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Enhanced Map:</span>4.3</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Enhanced Results:</span>4.2.07</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Enhanced Search:</span>4.2.09</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Janitor:</span>4.3.00-RC-1</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Pro Pack:</span>4.2.15</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Tagalong:</span>4.2.03</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>This Info Cached:</span>1445374633</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Version:</span>4.3.1</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>Site URL:</span>http://tecinfrared.com</p&gt;
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>MySQL Version:</span>5.5.43</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Version:</span>5.3.24</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress General Limit:</span>64M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>WordPress Admin Limit:</span>256M</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Peak RAM:</span>63 MB</p>
    <p class=”envinfo”><span class=”label”>PHP Post Max Size:</span>33M</p>



    I am not sure of your exact question, I can bump it up to Lance to look at when he has a chance. Please note, you are mixing versions of SLP and that will effect some of your outcomes. If you are using versions 4.3 you need to use 4.3 for all the add-ons. Please see the section about mixing versions and also the Info News blog about the 4.3 updates.

    SLP is 4.3.14, ProPack is on 4.3.02 etc. See the release notes and other info in the blog news to see what you are missing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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